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woops  i've neglected my DA account.

ill try to post more regularly guys :P sorry ... even if it's just a cross post.
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My blog just celebrated it's 1st birthday on April 9, 2011~

So to thank all my readers and followers including on tumblr, twitter, da, facebook, and out there in the internet... I'm having a contest.

There will be 2 winners drawn!
Items include things from my treasury of work, favourite things, and things that inspire me.. PLUS an original drawing inspired by the winners!

More information & pictures on my blog:…

Please spread the word and enter! I really want to get to know everyone who does follow me. My content and blog is kept alive by everyone who continues to inspire me & motivate me!

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eeeshhh i'm rarely ever on DA except to find inspiration, post some work here and there and look at my watches~!
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Due to these unexpected circumstances I've listed some of the wonderful gift/VIP items I've received in the recent years from Sanrio events and a certain Capcom Street Fighter IV launch event on ebay! Go check them out!

Ebay Shop:…

The Hello Kitty VIP Gift Bag Sets:

Sanrio's 50th Anniv. VIP Bag with HK x Sephora Lipstick -…

Sanrio's 50th Anniv. VIP Bag with HK x Sephora Nail Polish -…

Hello Kitty Three Apples VIP Bag -…

I've actually listed the starting bids exceptionally low, and even the "buy it now" prices are well below the actual retail and current market value of all the items included!

All of the Hello Kitty gift bags are worth over $150 originally and the Small Gift VIP bags have unreleased Sephora x Hello Kitty makeup items that haven't been released yet! I have 2 Total Sanrio Small Gift 50th Anniversary VIP bags and 1 VIP bag from Hello Kitty's 35th Anniversary event Three Apples

The Street Fighter IV launch items were specific to the Los Angeles launch event of Street Fighter IV!


I'm also in the process of listing some of my other items such as clothing, hats, and accessories which vary between New and pre-owned on Etsy! Hopefully I'll have all of these things up by tonight, unless something else comes up!

For those who are curious, and lightly touch on the subject as to why I'm selling these things:

I'd originally hoped to have a specific amount in which to travel to London and get small Christmas gifts for all my loved ones, however after relocating to my new apartment I've hit a lot of suspicious bumps that caused serious casualties to my wallet due to a few very dishonest and unprofessional persons. No names, however, I am short a rather large amount due to this.

One has to ask aloud: "Really people? It's the holidays!"

So I'm selling these things to help ease the current difference! Here's the link again:

Ebay Shop:…

All the items have a BIN price lower than the retail value as well!

If you guys know of people who might be interested in the auctions or would like to purchase them for someone, please share and share! There's only a little over 1 day left on all the auctions, and all items will be shipped with in 48hrs of cleared payment, and no later than Tuesday December 14, 2010 as I'll be off to London!

Thanks guys for all your help and support! Get the word out and keep an eye out for my other items to be listed tonight!
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today was a long 6hr power through of one of my Sweets Streets pieces.
how am i ever going to finish?

this week marks the actual SAN-X Pop Up Shop that I'm working on (with my production/coordination team

and I am going to SF the weekend after!
August has been super crazy, and September is due to be even crazier due to my work schedule!

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Just want to plug this here in case you haven’t heard:

My wonderfully talented friend Natalia Fabia is having a show this Saturday 7/10/10 at Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City, CA (that’s LA basically).

I had the happy chance of meeting Natalia during the grueling weeks of Hello Kitty’s 3 Apples Events (of which Bubble Punch threw an EPIC Hello Kitty Goth Party), and she asked both myself and Michelle to model for her painting. The painting she did of us is included in this show.

As an artist myself, I can only aspire to be as great as Natalia one day. Her process and medium amazes me.

So if you are in town, please come bay Saturday night and check out her show.

Fashionable Aftertaste Without End
Solo Exhibition

Opening Reception Saturday, July 10, 2010 from 8 to 11pm

On View July 10 – August 11, 2010

Corey Helford Gallery
8522 Washington Boulevard
Culver City, CA 90232
T: 310-287-2340
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bleh i'm a slacker when it comes to updating this journal and my da! so.....yeaaa. lol
i finally put up some more stuff. It's a bunch of older shoots I did and some editing/styling i did.

I should really sit down and start cracking on my pieces for the show, but i've been spending at least 3-4hrs on WOW every other night.

Kill Me.
<3 Yume Ninja
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  • Drinking: water yea its now 2010.
this year i told myself i'm going to do more "art work" so gambatte to myself!
thus far i have succeeded in drawing or making nothing.

on saturday i'm sitting in for a painting with Natalia Fabia (who is awesome)
and probably going to set up some more shoots this year. last year was a terrible funk for me.

i'm hoping to launch my website/port soon too. laziness always stalls me.


err... i am sorry if i dont respond right away.
i'm a bit shy, as odd as that can/may sound.
so it takes me a while to muster up the courage to respond appropriately.

forgive me.
lol i realize that my username is wrong - its a typo that stuck.
so whatever. I'm not weeaboo enough to go about redoing the whole thing.